Transformational Speaking and Training

In the last 5 years, I’ve completely transformed my life from being burnt out, overwhelmed, overweight and in-pain, to being connected, engaged and unstoppable as a thought leader for my industry and my clients.

As a Coach and Neuroscience-Based Movement Expert, I’ve helped countless individuals reach their goals through a wide-range of mental toughness and movement strategies.

So how did I make such massive changes? It was much simpler than you might think. I know that my purpose is to share these simple principles and practices with people all over the globe to help them become one of the thousands who have experienced equally life-changing transformations for themselves.

Featured Talk and Training:
The Art and Science of BodyStorming
How to activate the thought leader inside of YOU.

10945894_10100236300119662_1098949292785723484_oThe future of Brainstorming has arrived. By balancing your life, and learning an easy business skill that only the top 1% of leaders use, you’ll be more productive and producing at the highest levels.

Integrating the latest Neuroscience, Creativity Research, along with Ancient Yogic Tradition, in this interactive, fun and transformational talk, I’ll share the secrets and experience from I’ve learned over 5+ years with my clients of creative genius.

This talk will connect you back to your best thinking, helping you find the simple truths to your complex questions, so you can leave with tools that will help you approach problems with new perspective; discovering innovative solutions to everyday challenges. This is not about having a “positive attitude”, but instead about the simple practices and thinking that you can use immediately to be a cutting edge leader in your organization and industry!

What You’ll Learn:

-Where do your best ideas come from?

-A greater understanding of the inner-workings of your brain for optimal work performance.

-The Science of the Creativity, and how to literally generate creative ideas on demand!

-“Brain-Dump” meditation, and why it could be your greatest tool for surviving overwhelm, and clarifying your thinking.

Example of this talk, which I’ve had the honor of giving to various audiences around the country.

Here’s what other’s have said:

“It takes all of 5 seconds of being in Matt’s presence (even virtually) to see and feel the power, the love, and the dedication to service that he embodies in his everyday life.

Don’t let his huge smile and open heart fool you though. Matt is a true professional; an ambitious, tenacious, creative and purposeful warrior who lives by a strict code of integrity and impact in his inspiring work.

I highly recommend Matt as a change-maker, space-creator and life-shifter if you are looking to have your reality ROCKED with an equal dose of ass-kicking and love!”

~Jason G., North Carolina

“Matt is a dedicated and experienced movement expert, coach, and author. I have worked with him and experienced his wisdom and can say without reservation that he has a fierce commitment to integrity, service, and taking action. Matt works at the cutting edge of the best science-based ideas for peak performance and applies them to his life. He takes the mind-body connection from this abstract notion to something that you can apply and take advantage of through his coaching and other services. If you plan to work with Matt, expect excellence, a trusted advisor, and a passionate leader.”

~Mozart G., Washington

Be congratulated company-wide for helping to shift every mind and heart in the room at your next event, conference or meeting.

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