90 Day Creative Warrior Challenge

The 90 Day Coaching Program is for tech entrepreneurs who feel burnt out. You feel stale with your work or relationships and are ready to SHIFT, and create the results YOU dream of.

You’re so freaking sick of doing what everyone else is doing, and getting the results everyone else is getting, or LESS! You’re sick of your relationships, and lack of intimacy and connection. You’re so sick of playing by everyone else’s rules, ready to create your OWN! You want to LIVE from the INSIDE—> OUT!

You Feel:

  • You feel Powerless: Easily succumbing to others schedules/agendas. Never fully living YOUR life.
  • You have so many ideas, but are so distracted by all of the FB messages, Twitter updates, to take action on your ideas.
  • You feel Distant and Disconnected in your Relationships, or Alone and Unsupported.
  • You’re in Pain: Back pain and headaches from sitting for long hours at your laptop.
  • You want to feel relaxed, smooth and confident in the face of huge decisions for your business and relationships.
  • You want to spend less time working, and more time connecting, with your partner and family.

You’ll Live in Your Full Power, with Ease, Connection, Intimacy, Laser-Focus, Primal Strength and Tenacity.

…To Make Your Impact(s) on the World. Multiple.

What’s it costing you to keep playing small?

This program will shake you up. If you’re happy with your current results, do NOTHING. If you are ready for BIGGER Results, shoot me a message.

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