What’s Integrity to You?

I teach Integrity as a verb. A moving thing.

Integrity: integrated body, mind and soul

As a man, what’s your cycle? Nature has cycles and rhythms, and so do you. You are an extension of nature.
We can destroy our bodies and our relationships by not honoring our commitment to ourselves above all else. Yes, commitment to bigger visions and lofty goals is great…But if my apparatus, my body, and my mind and my relationships suffer, then how long am I going to last on that heroic conquest?

Old Paradigm of Integrity: Commitment, and grinding and hustling and working hard. Expectation. Dogmatic. Someone else telling you HOW to live and what to experience. Right and Wrong. “The adults are going to teach me how to do it.”

New Paradigm of Integrity: Connecting to and understanding your cycles and rhythms and moment to moment understanding of your intentions and feelings. Nature flexes and shifts with cycles and rhythms.
I oscillate a TON during a 24 hour period.

My true balance, as of late, has been finding the time and space, to dive deep inside. To reflect on patterns. Hell, I’m beginning to learn how to read my Akashic records…

I teach men the rhythms and cycles of what it means to be a man. The rhythm of our bodies. The rhythms and cycles of our relationships…Because I, myself, want to know my most cellular movements, flexes and flows.

The shifts are where it’s at people. Get onboard.

PM me if you want to know 3 ways to quickly shift your rhythms towards a better relationship with your fitness and your partner.