BODYSTORMING > Brainstorming

MOVE your body, with the feeling of your questions in your body/heart/mind, and keep moving until something comes through.

Before you start: Write your thoughts/questions down on paper. You don’t need an answer…
As we move our bodies, and clear up the mental and physical congestion, we become a clearer (clarity) channel for divine wisdom. I call it body wisdom, but that’s only because the body is the conduit for the download. As we clear up our body, we clear up our thinking.

As we move, especially primally, it allows our thinking to purify, like our ancestral primative selves. It declutters our thinking. Simplifying.

How often do we consider, “if I just ADDED this thing outside of me?” Or “If I started this new project, or this new business, or tried a new partner, or a new town.”


It takes us off of the pain of feeling what we’re experiencing. So we stuff it.
What if we simplified, and actually felt the pain and questions as they comes up?

As my friend and coach Brandon Hawk says, “Our emotions are: Energy en-MOTION.”

By moving the energy (yelling, jumping, shaking up our bodies, wiggling) and then getting quiet, we can allow the feelings unfold, as we listen.

Tip for the day: 1. Ask. 2. Move. 3. Listen.