The Neuroscience of Desire.

Desire. We do everything for a feeling.

We create resolutions for what we think it will make us feel.
So the question to pose towards all your resolutions is: “Am I sacrificing Inner attune-meant at the cost of outer attainment?”

Why did you want to achieve it in the first place?
To FEEL a certain way.

We buy for feelings, we “hustle and grind in business” for feelings, we give for feelings, we received for feelings, we get into relationships for feelings.

Feelings, Desires and Manifesting our reality come from the Limbic brain. The prehistoric brain. The limbic brain operates beyond linear time and space.

In yoga, we call the this sheath of our being associated with pure bliss, Anandamaya Kosha. This place is our most direct connection to Source/God/Universe. The limbic brain is famous for being the “fight or flight” center of the brain, but it’s also the place of feeling and emotions and bliss. Your emotions color your experience whether you know it or not.

The “newer” technologies of the brain, the prefrontal cortex, can make “goal” (feeling) achievement difficult, or elusive when we try to muscle and willpower our desires into reality.

The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain of the brain responsible for complex thinking, planning and willpower. So important for project management, but lousy at feeling the way we want to feel. It’s best at devising structure and linear processes to GET a physical outcome, but not to feel what we want to feel.

I sometimes still get caught in the trap of getting too specific and linear, AKA “This year, I want to make $500,000 in my coaching and movement business”, without fully FEELING the more general feeling and vision of “Financial Freedom”. Then, when I fall short of the specific parameters, I feel let down, and fall FARTHER away from what I want (The feeling I think $500,000 will give me). My limbic brain feels rejected, and decides it’s safer to “lower my standards for next time”.

The “feeling” limbic brain ALWAYS dominates over the “thinking” prefrontal cortex in evolutionary hierarchy, so why not flow WITH my feelings and emotions, and USE them for heightening my reality, rather than push them away, and delegating them as “lower thinking”, when it’s ALWAYS going to have the upper hand over my planning, will-powering mind.

The practice: Take time as the year is still in it’s infancy, to physically and mentally slow down. Take time to communicate gently and softly with those places deep inside your mind and heart. Beyond conceptual, linear time and thought. In THIS place is where are your felt dreams are realized in reality. Just for THIS year, try creating your New Years resolutions from the feelings you wish to feel. Danielle Laporte calls them Core Desired Feelings. The greater the amount of time spent feeling the frequency of that reality, the faster it comes to fruition.

When I chase after feeling, like “Precision” and “Connection”, I’m overwhelmed with delight at how quickly and easily that feeling shows up, typically in a different way than I ever expected it to.

From this place, I see everything I want, and I get everything that I want.

So just for 2016, consider what you want to feel, and meditate on the sensation of it already being true, already accomplished. Feel the feeling of it, and watch it show up in your life for the best year of your life.