It’s OK to WANT what YOU WANT!

Day #29 Creative Warrior Movement 30 Day Challenge

Yesterday, as I was driving through Cardiff, I saw a really good friend rip around a corner, in an immaculate, brand new, black Corvette!

Having never seen the car, but knowing the value the guy brings to the world, (massive), and knowing I do the same, I blurted out, “I WANT THAT TOO!!”…

Immediately a WAVE of guilt and anxiety, and everything from childhood came back. Voices of “It’s not practical”, “it’s unnecessary”, “your money could be better spent elsewhere”, “that’s a vanity thing”, “I’d be compensating for a small penis”, “guys that have nice cars are asses”, “It’s Un-whole”…on and on…and then I stopped. Paused.
And started crying.

I realized how often I’ve cut off my Desires. I’ve cut off all the incredible things that make me unique. All the silly things that only I desire, just because I want them; because it’s not the norm, or that lifestyle doesn’t line up with the American Dream.

We’ve been told for too many years to stop thinking big unintentionally, and that “we can’t have everything what we want”, by well intending parents, mentors, and coaches.
It’s okay to Want it, and HAVE IT, just because you Want it.

The amount to which I’m able to embrace my “shallow” desires, the more I’m able to embrace my depth. My impact. Volunteer, support Kiva, Kickstarter, donate to feed the homeless, and many other worthy causes, including giving huge amounts back to clients through experiences and gifts.

The more I open up the flood gates for both ends, I stop cutting off any parts of me, and allow the FULL-ME to emerge for myself and for the world.

The best part: even if I don’t physically receive what I want in reality, by owning my desire for something that grandiose, I’m making space in the universe, saying, “I’m so OPEN to receiving BIG stuff in my life.

I have a hunch that there are several of you who have been thinking about working with me for the past couple of weeks of my challenge.

Shoot me a PM. Let’s jump on the phone to see how I can help.

Fulfilled Desires.

They’re possible. For me, for you, for all of us.

PS – Are you my next client? Message me and let’s find out.