Impeccable I am Not

Day #26 Creative Warrior Movement 30 Day Challenge

Sometimes I’m not on time, sometimes I will say something that you won’t like. Sometimes I will say something that I think I mean, and later decide I meant something else.

However, I WILL demonstrate EASE. and show you how to do the same. I will demonstrate FUN and CONNECTION. I demonstrate EASE in Leadership. I demonstrate BOLDNESS. POWER. I demonstrate EMPATHY. I demonstrate OPENNESS, and FLEXIBILITY, PRIMAL STRENGTH, ACCOUNTABILITY, COMMITMENT, and RE-COMMITMENT, and I’m really damn good at Relationship and Partnership.

I will demonstrate and teach so much through WHO I AM. You will learn many things from me.

As coaches, we are lighthouses: we draw in people who are somewhere along the line of learning and evolving that we are on.

For those of you who don’t have a coach, ask what do I want to feel? Who exemplifies that?

If you DO have a coach, look at your coach. What drew you to them? That quality is IN YOU. Keep looking inside to pull that out with the help of your coach.

It’s not what you do, it’s who you BE.

Who do you want to BE?