Processing the Stuck Stuff

Day #25 Creative Warrior Movement 30 Day Challenge

Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs get stored as an impression in our physiological structure. In yoga, we call them Samskaras. Our bodies literally hold onto this information. Body wisdom.

As I slow down, I get closer in connection with my body, and it’s rhythms and impulses; to deeply feel myself, I have access to awareness and clarity of these points that trigger me, and cause pain and suffering.

I are able feel the full experience of that pain and accept it exactly as we’ve felt it. Accepting what is there. By clearing out these old beliefs, traumas, we create new space, not only in our minds, but also in our bodies.
Then we can move towards a new feeling. What do I wish to feel?

These imprints stay with us until we are able to PROCESS them through our HEARTS.

We have a myriad of options:

-Extended periods of movement and sweating.
-Speaking out loud, either to someone who’s good at supporting and seeing you, crying out and shedding the feelings.
-My favorite option: Externalizing my thoughts on Paper. To process with pen in hand, using my creativity on paper, to let it flood through my arm, as I offer my feeling to the paper. To take it in and soak in all of these feelings, and fully accept all that I’m feeling, without labeling as “good” and “bad”, but to see the feeling for what it is. With the access to my journal to heal me again and again.

As I begin to break up those emotional knots on paper, they begin to dissolve in my body.

How do you best process and shed things?