A Meditation on Good and Bad

Day #24 Creative Warrior Movement 30 Day Challenge

Be honest, how often do I have to put everything in a box? To judge it, at first blush, and put it one of 2 categories.

1. This is “Good”: I align with this. I will give this FULL ENERGY, attention, priority, my full brain power, my resources, my contacts, money, openness, connection, and creation, strength, enthusiasm, upright posture, all-in-ness, connection, and Divine POWER!

2. This is “Bad”: I don’t align with this. I am going to shut down, and my energy is going to get sucked away from me if I stay around this. I am going to shrink, disregard, be “above” this, think that I know better, and generally stop using my intuition and connection abilities.

That is limiting. Can you see how it shuts down so many opportunities before they even have TIME to surface? It’s a boundary, stopping the flow of creative energy, and true connection.

Think about every person you meet today, and how they and you truly connecting could create something MAGICAL! A deeper friendship than you currently have, a deeper business investment, or client contract…because it started with NO BARRIERS, and most importantly, CONNECTION!

What if everything just WAS. “That’s not good or bad, I just clearly see that thing. It is.” It stops becoming this big emotional thing, and instead, I simply, detached from it being good or bad, can say, “I want this”, or “I don’t want this”.

It’s easier to shift my behavior because I’m not caring this huge weight of “good” or “bad”, “should”, “shouldn’t”. It didn’t have a box, and I could take any moment, or shift in energy in a conversation, phone call, or email, as an OPPORTUNITY, asking “Given this circumstance, What would I like to CREATE?”

Given your circumstances today, what would you like to create? Just today.