The Anatomy of Surrender (As a Bad Ass Man)

Day #14 Creative Warrior Movement 30 Day Challenge

Many times I associate the “surrender” and “allowing” to be a feminine trait, that I have no business partaking in because I’m a MAN!…which is bull shit.

As we all are a mix of feminine and masculine, sometimes no matter how hard I struggle and strive and push for my desires. They just don’t come to me.

My heart isn’t matching up with my actions. I self-sabotage ALL OVER THE PLACE, and don’t even know it. because I’m too busy trying to run everywhere, grab everything, push, be aggressive, and take MASSIVE ACTION! GAAAAHHHRRRRHH!

What happens when I simply allow?


Here’s a step-by-step guide to be a man (or woman), and Allow.

1. Slow Down

2. Resistance: Ask, “where am I resisting?” “What feels hard to do right now?”

3. Acceptance: Take Stock of your concrete reality. Have you been lying to yourself about a situation? Truly Accept. Repeat.

4. Releasing: Surrender. Ask. To be guided by your own intuition. “What feels good?”

5. Desire. “What DO I WANT TO FEEL?!”

Go. Create a Bunch of Awesome. Awareness, Acceptance, Action (Inspired from my Desire)