Movement Microcosms for Insight

Day #11 Creative Warrior Movement 30 day Challenge

When I studied at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, we were told that what I experience on the yoga mat is like a science laboratory for life OFF the yoga mat. A microcosm to express the macrocosm of my life.

But this can also be reversed to say that I can experience MORE of my life OFF of the yoga mat, WHILE I am ON the yoga mat. I can begin to feel more about the challenge I’ve been having at work, or in my relationship. I can understand more about my beliefs and fears, and ultimately come to see how WHOLE I am. This process on the yoga mat allows me to slow down, step back from life, and get a helicopter level view of my life. To Observe all the moving pieces, and be struck with creative insight (my intrinsic body wisdom) what the right next step is for ME. To stop trying to “figure it out”, or fester endlessly on the solutions. Instead, I simply allow my body, and breath and mind to do the work.

The answers are ALWAYS there inside me. The question is, can I slow down long enough to feel them.
Right now: Slow down, breathe, and ask yourself, “What is my intrinsic wisdom telling me the answers are to my challenges?”

Comment below with what you come up with. I don’t want fluffy shit either. Really come to clarity. What is the answer? If you don’t know, keep breathing, keep moving. get still. Repeat.