Slow Down to Speed Up.

Day #10 Creative Warrior Movement 30 Day Challenge

Slow down to speed up. In 2015, our minds are going so fast, and our bodies are slowing down more than ever before. As we slow down our minds, and stimulate our bodies, with the help of our breath, we bring our Being closer to alignment. We effectively level out the playing field and draw closer to our primal nature, and gut instincts. We begin to listen to our intuition and desires, rather than the dogmatic shoulds and musts our head is constantly bombarding us with. As a result, we are less stressed, eat less, and follow the natural rhythms of our bodies rather than rely on the conditional power of stimulants and caffeine. We get back to our personal power!

I’m feeling this one so much today, as I move past all the ways that speed up to try to perform at the level I “think” everyone else is performing at! Today, I’ve been feeling so tired. So I slept. For 2 hours. And it felt really good. So ready to conquer the rest of the day!

Can anyone relate today? smile emoticon if not, I’m so happy to own this for myself!