Plugging you into your greatness

Day #9 Creative Warrior Movement 30 Day Challenge

Let’s plug you into the 10,000 watt light bulb in your chest. What lies at the heart of “living on purpose”, is plugging you into your greatness. To live from love, not for love.

This is your WHY!, The underlying reason you get up in the morning. Personal Power is preceded by knowing what you are going after. Feeling like you are WORTHY, and have powerful medicine the world so desperately needs.
WITHOUT your power, you WILL succumb to the schedules, agendas, and honestly, the lives around you. Never fully LIVING YOUR life.

Filtering your experience through someone else’s life.

In the past, I told others that I was empathic. That I feel others really well. I do, but sometimes it’s at the cost of feeling myself. Really it’s just a cop out, for not living my own experience, and letting others facial cues, and feelings, and schedules determine my fate.

A life of personal POWER is never asking others if something is “okay” to do, but rather asking, “Do I want to do this?”, and doing it, and dealing with any consequences afterwards. To this end, we always associate consequence with something “bad”.

Consequence literally means, “With/In Sequence”. The next thing after an action. The Cause and the Effect.
To fully live in my power, there will be effects because of my actions. People will feel me and be ruffled by me, if I’m to make any impact on the world.

Go Forth! Make Impact(s). Multiple.

If your sick of how little you impact the world around you, with your desires, you feelings, your heart…and instead wax and wane with the opinions and schedules of others, comment below with “I’m Done. My Heart Matters!”, or shoot me a PM, and let me what you’re feeling!