This is the Year of Living From the Inside —> Out

Day #2 of Creative Warrior Movement 30 Day Challenge

To move from Desire and Inspiration…My only job being to find Inspiration within myself. Through movement, my breath, and my intrinsic wisdom. I have all the answers. If I want it, I can have it. I’m THAT worthy.
It’s profoundly simple, and yet powerful when I tap into mySELF.

If there is something I want more of in my life externally, it is probably because I am not tapping into my internal resources in that aspect of myself already. I’m expecting someone else to give me the feeling only I can give myself.
For instance, if I feel disconnected from my loved ones it’s probably because I am disconnected from myself.

My breathing is choppy, my thoughts are scattered everywhere, I’m being impulsive, and reactive.

When I’m grounded, and connected to myself I feel connected to my loved ones, even if they are not consciously connecting deeply with me I still have that feeling of deep connection.

If this feels like a journey you want to go on, shoot me a PM, or comment below, I DESIRE that!